UEFA Champions League action continued tonight with SEVILLA FC hosting MANCHESTER UNITED. The final result a 0 - 0 draw with the tie to be determined back at "Old Trafford" in the return 2º leg match.

Sevilla FC - Manchester United

Sevilla FC smashed into Spanish International & Manchester United goalkeeper DAVID DE GEA. Man of the match & saviour of United as he stopped everything, including a point blank opportunity by Sevilla player Muriel in the 1ºst half. De Gea put on a show of reflexes & saves that was nearly unbelievable had one not actually witnessed.

To add some stats, Sevilla had 25 goals shots (8 at goal) compared to United which only had 6 ( 1 at goal). Sevilla had 12 corners & Man Utd only 4 corners. The Spanish team dominated the encuentre. 

Sevilla FC - Manchester United

This game should have been won, & well won, by Sevilla FC. However they failed to convert their goal opportunities & smashed into an "inspired" De Gea who saved Manchester United. The English team survives to fight again, & given the circumstances, are still well alive to take the tie. That´s Mourinho for you.


UEFA Champions League action tonight with FC BARCELONA visiting CHELSEA FC & turning on an entertaining match with the end result a 1 - 1 draw. The tie is up for grabs at the "Camp Nou" when the London Club travels to Barcelona in two weeks.

Chelsea FC - FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona dominated the ball, but Chelsea FC kept the Spaniards boxed in with a very serious & disciplined defence always looking to exploit their speed up front with Hazard & Willian. The truth is Chelsea FC put in an excellent match with perhaps paying in the end due to their tremendous psychical effort in neutralizing Messi, Suarez & company most of the encounter.

Chelsea FC - FC Barcelona

Chelsea FC could have been two goals up in the first 45 min, but WILLIAN hit the post twice. Very unlucky as the Brazilian was very dangerous all night. In fact he opened the scoring in the 63rd min a "power drive" shot the he himself had set up taking the Barça defence towards the right side. Barça goalie Ter Stegen cannot see the shot.

Chelsea FC - FC Barcelona

However, as one would expect, FC Barcelona reacted & pressured upfront more putting Chelsea on the back foot. The English team could have sealed things but their counter-attacks lead by Hazard & Willian were not converted. The London team looked in the last 15 mins as if they were getting tired & mentally the mistakes arrived. 

It was precisely a Chelsea FC defensive mistake which allowed Iniesta to recover the lost ball & find LIONEL MESSI who scored the equalizer in the 76th min & his first ever against Chelsea. A mistake that may be eventually very costly specially with the return match coming up. 

End result a draw, & the decider in a couple of weeks in Spain. 

Tomorrow more Champions League action with Spanish Club Sevilla FC hosting Manchester United. 


UEFA Champions League tonight with the 1º leg between REAL MADRID & PARIS ST GERMAIN ending 3 -1 result in favour for the current European Champions. The game was very even & being dominated by PSG in the 2º half, & the 1-1 draw at that moment looked like it would move PSG way. But a double change by Real Madrid Coach Zidane, putting in Asensio (for Isco) & Lucas Vazquez (for Casemiro) revolutionized the encounter with Real Madrid scoring two goals in 5 minutes. It was a "knock-out" blow thanks to young Marco Asensio who run riot down the left flank.

The overall tie is far from over, Real Madrid has to travel to Paris in two weeks, but they take with them a 2 goal advantage & an important psychological victory that gives them a definite advantage & brings back "old ghosts" to PSG & their Coach Emery.  

Real Madrid - PSG

The match was exciting & a true European Champions match of intense entertainment between two very good squads. Real Madrid started strong & was suffering from their main "weakness" all this season, lack of GOAL. They had chances but did not convert; Ronaldo missing a clear opportunity after the ball was stopped by the face of the PSG goalkeeper.

PSG was dangerous with Neymar being very active & dangerous,  & midfielder RABIOT doing damage to the point that he opened the scoring for PSG in the 33rd min. 

Real Madrid - PSG

Real Madrid managed to react in time with a dubious penalty after Kroos was "pulled back" in the goal square by a PSG defender. CRISTIANO RONALDO scored the penalty in the 45th min to equalize & continue his "love affair" with this tournament. 

Real Madrid - PSG

The 2º nd half was dominated by Paris St Germain, they created numerous opportunities & made Real Madrid goalie Navas work hard. The Spanish team was on the back foot & it looked that PSG would break through at any moment. Real Madrid Coach Zidane made some moves, Bale (for Benzema) & later brought on Lucas Vazquez & Asensio. The idea was to bring on fresh legs & attack the Dani Alves flank. Taking off Casemiro seemed risky but the gamble paid off for Zidane as Asensio literally turned the match around himself in 5 mins. From his participation & passes came the second CRISTIANO RONALDO goal in the 82nd min & then the "knock-out" goal from MARCELO in the 85th min. By the way, the Brazilian was magnificent tonight.

PSG did not know ( & still does not know) what happened. This will be deeply analyzed back in Paris by the team & the local media which will be "savage" with Coach Emery. The 450M€ plus season investment is at risk & the pressure is extreme for the return match. The end result is a fantastic night & result for REAL MADRID.

To finish some extra observations. Firstly,  Karim Benzema is basically sentenced & has little arguments for continuing next season. His start from the kick off gave nothing to the team & it was like Madrid was playing with 10 men. Secondly, Isco should have never started in the initial team, Asensio should have as later proved. Isco is a good player but his obsessive tendency to dribble "to death" the plays & himself, slows down the team. As soon as Asensio took his place, Real Madrid was quicker, more vertical & two golden goals appeared. 

Lastly, Paris St Germain is a very good team & will be dangerous. They were unlucky tonight as their chances just did not go in & they were "fizzed" in the end by fresher legs & minds. This tie isn't  over for PSG at all, Real Madrid will need to be very awake & at their best level for the return leg, but PSG fly back to Paris with some "old ghosts". They were defeated by the current European Champions tonight 3 - 1. 


What is the "Best Forward line in European Football History"? According to France Football, Alfredo Di Stefano, Puskas & Gento of 1960. All three formed part ( in some manner) of the legendary REAL MADRID forward line which dominated Football from the mid 50s to early 60s of the past century.

Di Stefano-Puskas-Gento (1960)

Here is the Top 10 list 

1 Di Stefano-Puskas-Gento Real Madrid 1960
2 Messi-Neymar-Suarez FC Barcelona 2015
3 Cristiano-Rooney-Tevez Manchester United 2008
4 Cruyff-Keizer-Rep Ajax of Amsterdam 1973
5 Cristiano-Benzema-Bale Real Madrid 2014 y 2016
6 Messi-Henry-Etoo FC Barcelona 2009
7 Müller-Hoeness-Rummenigge Bayern Munich 1976
8 Del Piero-Vialli-Ravanelli Juventus FC 1996
9 Eusebio-José Aguas-Jose Augusto Benfica 1962
10 Völler-Boksic-Pelé Marsella 1993


Real Madrid has had a "shocker" season 2017-2018 with Spanish Cup elimination & La Liga title virtually lost & are currently struggling to stay within the top 4. The Club has only Champions League as their season objective, but before must eliminate Paris St Germain , & Real Madrid are not favourites.

Everyone agrees that Real Madrid will make a squad "revolution" at the end of season with big name selling (Isco, Benzema, possibly Cristiano Ronaldo...etc) & big name buying, sounding Neymar, De Gea (Courtois), Hazard & Harry Kane.

Robert Lewandowski going to Real Madrid ?

The Spanish Club has a goal scoring problem & a World class Centre Forward will be a priority. In this area it is being rumoured that Polish International & Bayern Munich forward Robert Lewandowski has "offered himself" to Real Madrid

Not a bad option at all. The question is do you go after Tottenham Hotspurs forward Harry Kane with a possible 150M€ plus price tag, or go after an experienced & proven goalscorer of 29 years of age & a price tag around the 60-70M€.

Lewandowski has long been on the list of possible Real Madrid targets, with the Polish player having said NO in the past for Bayern Munich. Now things have changed & the Bayern Munich player sees a great opportunity to finish off in style his career in the biggest Club in World Soccer. 

Stay tuned! The future of Real Madrid will be determined to a great extent according to their Champions League performance. Not reaching the Final will be considered a "disaster" & will influence the degree of changes coming ahead. 

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